Oi! Listen Up!


I recently found myself sitting in the emergency rows of a domestic flight. The safety briefly annoying for commuters, but necessary as part of the flying process. 

“Sir, would you mind putting your phone away and listening. I only need your attention for two minutes,” the flight attendant politely asked the commuter. 

The safety briefing started. 

“Mate, could you please end your call now,” a little sterner this time. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, are you willing and able to assist in the event of an emergency?”

We all nod our head in agreement, except for one. The one who wasn’t listening to the instruction. 

“Mate, I need your attention now. Kill the call. End it now.” The flight attendant has had enough. Three warnings….The commuter finally switched off his phone. Three time he had to be told. Potential life saving instructions had to wait. 

Why are we reluctant to listen? 


This situation had me thinking, what does God think when we ignore His voice? Deliberately turning our attention away from the voice of wisdom toward the voice of distraction. Neglecting the peace he can bring to the situation. How must God feel? 

In Proverbs chapter 2 we are told that if we receive the Lord’s words and treasure His commandments, are attentive to wisdom and inclined toward understanding, then you will find both fear and knowledge of the Lord. 

Mark chapter 4 verse 24 instructs us to pay attention to the Lord’s voice. Psalm 37 implores us to commit our ways to the Lord, to trust Him, and He will act. 

“If we receive….”

“Pay attention to the Lord’s voice….”

“Commit your ways to the Lord….”

It is our choice. 

The Lord is speaking. Always. 

Are we listening? 

The answer is up to you. Are you receiving the blessings of the Lord? Are you paying attention to the Lord’s voice? Are you committing your ways to the Lord?

The answer is grounded in the Scriptures. The divine word of God holds the key. 

The Choice

God has spoken. But did we hear it? 

Like the flight attendant communicating a message to commuters, the Lord’s authoritative voice penetrates the heart and soul of those who believe. 

Our obedience to this is reflected in our choice to listen. 

Whats the best way to listen?

Remove whatever is stopping you from listening.

Too much happening in life? Slow down. 

Too many people making too much noise? Find a quiet place. 

The Lord will meet you where you are at. He knows your situation. He knows your heart. He feels your emotions. His heart breaks when your heart breaks. 

Will you make the decision today to choose to listen to Him?

He is the comforter, the wisdom we need, the solace we seek, the defender, the protector. 

Position your heart to hear His voice. 

I’d certainly rather take wisdom from the voice of wisdom in the situation. A flight attendant is trained for emergencies. If you’re on an aircraft, they are the people you should be listening to. 

God is the creator, author and divine presence in the world around us. He has the authority. Seek out what he is saying to you today.